Twelve Step Recovery

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Over the years, Oak and Lotus, as part of its 'service' mission, has cooperated with the authors and artists involved with Sponsor Magazine to help get copies of their materials out through print-on-demand services (which is explained later in this page).

Not everyone needs Twelve Step Recovery. Over the years, many people have found a simple vow, a re=commitment to their faith, a good psychiatrist, or other reason has been enough to allow them to stop drinking or using to the point where it has damaged their lives and the lives of the people around them.

Twelve Step Programs (there are now over 60 of them, including Alcoholics Anonymous, the originator of the 12-Step process) are for the people who have tried other methods and failed to get and stay clean-and-sober. We use that phrase because 'clean' refers to getting the substance(s) out of our bodies and keeping them out, and 'sober' refers to a way of thinking and living that takes a long time to learn and live. We used to call it "the last house on the block".

Three issues of SPONSOR MAGAZINE were published, and plans are underway to resume publication. All three issues of the magazine can be downloaded in one pdf file here.

Recovery Reader 2nd EditionSponsor Magazines biggest to date is the RECOVER READER 2nd Edition, released in early 2016. This anthology of writings on recovery includes more than thirty authors writing across the  breadth of AA's 80 year history. The anthology is broken into sections: Newcomers, Spirituality, The Steps, Resources for people working - or re-working - the Twelve Steps.

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Print and PDF versions of the book are available as: Full Paperback format (8.5"x11"), Trade Paperback format (6"x9"), Digest Paperback (5.5"x8.5"), Traditional Paperback format (approximately 4.25"x7"), and Trade Format hard back (6"x9") with glossy, laminated cover.

However, if you prefer to hold a physical book, rather than the expense, wear and tear on your printer, and the time to make such a hard copy, we have arranged for print-on-demand services to provide the same book in actual, printed formats.

Prices for the printed book range from $6.50 to $20.00 (on the hardback edition). Out of that charge the print on demands share the amount over their production cost with us - from 35¢ for the economy full paperback edition, to $2 for the hardback edition. That money goes to pay for several years domain registration and hosting services. (FULL DISCLOSURE: less than $90 has been received in the past eight years. We say we're not doing it for money and people make us prove that.)

This book is available as a free download in PDF format, and in several different sizes. It does not work well on smart phones and, for that reason, an ePub edition is offered, but we have not yet been able to get the best use of that format.