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In 1992, at the age of 41, I was introduced to Role Playing Games. Most people are introduced at a much younger age, but it was just in time for my second childhood. As of this writing I am 66, and show no signs of getting better. But I did learn of a new rule - "If you haven't grown up by the age of 60, you don't have to."

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Reports of Jorune's demise may have been premature. I am happy to announce RETURN TO JORUNE under the OAK AND LOTUS label.

Origins of Jorune

Role playing games is an exercise in improvised cooperative story-telling. A group, from three to eight people, get together regularly to play a group of characters in a world of their agreed understanding. There are world books and game systems to make this all possible. The best known is DUNGEONS & DRAGONS, but there are also HERO, ROLEMASTER, GURPS, STORYTELLER, and dozens of other gaming systems - the way you resolve attempts at action in the game.

Thriddel at a Cle Eshta

SKYREALMS OF JORUNE was a devised by two high school students in the 1980s for a high school English. The primary author of the game, Andrew Leker, says the original game was based on their desire to customize the game world of METAMORPHOSIS ALPHA, a variant of Dungeons & Dragons. In the process of creating the world, one of these two, Miles Teves,  began to blossom as a highly talented artist and his art elevated the project beyond most other efforts to create original game worlds. Andrew rose the challenge of Miles' with a fantastic world with seven moons, mystic energy called "isho", and a spectrum of races from the native "shantha" through all the alien races (why were they there?), the human colonial and their descendents, and some new ideas for engineered races created to designed the violent changes to the world. After an impressive first effort, the boys enlisted Andrew's sister Amy Leker to join them as a production designer. She went on to create the legendary 2nd Edition boxed set of Skyrealms of Jorune, which immediately became a jewel in the collections of hundreds of gamers around the planet.

Alien Logic boxEven with the publication of the third edition in one volume, which coincidentally was published exactly as I was getting into gaming in 1992, it was the Second Edition Boxed Set that was the jewel of my own growing collection. I spotted some problems with Third Edition and made some suggestion, and soon found myself writing for the new publisher to create adventures and resources for the world. I joined up in time to become the voice of the introduction of the computer game Alien Logic, with over 30 hours of support videos on (look it up).

Jorune is a wonderful construct of science fiction, fantasy, and serious expansion of the imagination. It is a world where the original had lived their own lives for thousands of years, had been invaded by a cruel race that brought "partners" and servant races of many type, and was then visited by colonials from Earth. The Earthmen acted like Earthmen,and that led to a major conflict between the natives, aliens, and Earth colonialsEarth technology and the local natural resource - "isho" - interacted for much more dstruction than either side dreamed could exist. There came the time of the Great Dying - The "Shyee"...

And the game is set more than 3500 years after all that happened!

Modern Jorune is a richly populated world with the native race (the "shantha"), survivors of the invaders from over four thousand years ago - true aliens ("Thriddel", "Ramian", "Cleash" and more. You have the humans from the colonists, and mutated strains of human ("Muadra", "Boccord", "Salu", and more), and a fourth classifcation - races from genetic human material maniopulated to be new beings with characteristics familiar to the human scientist who created them ("Woffen", "Bronth", "Crugar" and more. Dozens of intelligent races, who barely get along with themselves (most of the time) and in conflict with each other. Deep history and linguistic traditions. Wheels within Wheels.

It makes me smile to even write this introduction.

It is the years 3516 and adventures seem to live around every corner. I wrote for it in my own fanzines - Sholari (3 issues) and Annals of the Tansoor Historical Society. The publishers of Sarceen's Knowledge, Borkelby's Folly (3 issues), Danstead Traveller (4 issues), the massive collected works of Sholari James (about two dozen complete write-ups on on topics Jorune, with a lavish collection of maps for the detailed regions), and as completely separate body of work from dozens of fan-written comments and articles in the various Jorune chat rooms, mailing lists and Facebook pages, built up to a complex fan-driven depth for the world, far beyond what the desired Fourth Edition could have offered.

GOMO GUIDE: THONEPORT CoverThe real world interfered for over twenty years, but the first release for the new Return to Jorune project is available. It is a complete reboot of GOMO GUIDE: THONEPORT, a tourists guide to the most human - and xenophobic - realm on the planet. Full details on the project page to get your copy in print or eBoof formats through DriveThruRPG. We expect the next release to be announced toward the end of March, 2017.

I have lived to see the beginning of a fresh breath for my own love of the world, and the passion of Dozens of other "Jorunis" around the world. What we offer is not a fourth edition, but a series of fan-generated projects that are not affiliated with the trademark holder, SkyRealms, Inc., but done for the sheer love of it. I worked solo or with donated time and talents from some individuals - who may not have found me the easiest of people to work with.

RETURN TO JORUNE at this writing, has three editors, at least seven authors, and five artists, who have signed on to do their bit to keep their favorite gaming world alive. The first project is about to go up on DriveThreRPG and the line of reprint and new products are nipping at its heels.

Strap in - it looks like it is going to be a fun ride.