Fiction by Joseph Kessler Adams

Joseph Kessler Adams has been a writer beyond his works for Radio and Stage. he has some fiction that is being made available to audiencs after many years in limbo.

Song of Orphans - Lang CoverTHE SONG OF ORPHANS

A science fantasy that puts two people into direct conflict. One has been an orphan for the whole of his life. The other is a telepath who has had no idea of what it means to be 'alone'.

They make an epic journey across a dying world for their individual survival, but develop a strange dream of hope in what they find on their trip. They also find a unique relationship based in telepathy of one's race, and the technology of magic in the other.

Cover by Fred Lang
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250 pages, Trade Paperback format
Written in 1977, this is a new edition, made available through
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                  the Spiral Mountain CoverCLIMBING THE SPIRAL MOUNTAIN

A novel of the journey. A man awakens in the desert with no idea of who he is, or has been. Using the clues that become available he finds his way to an apartment in Phoenix, Arizona with a community of people who have clues to help him find his past, and by doing that, to find his future.

Following a trail through southern California in the central valley, the main character finds threads of his connection by haring the stories of other people's lives and adventure.

Price $ 19.95, print, Electronic edition available.
500 pages, Trade Paperback format
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The Taste
                of Fire coverA collection of short stories, including two linked through an employment agency for medical empaths, a murder mystery where who-done-it is not the question - but who was killed, some fiction experiments from the author of THE SONG OF ORPHANS and CLIMBING THE SPIRAL MOUNTAIN.

Stories include:
• Striding to Mars
• The Alarm
• An Exercise in Intellect
• Ghost
• The Taste of Fire
• Microscopic Sledge

Price $ 8.00, print, $ 1.99 electronic
Trade Paperback format

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Niall's Dream coverNiall's Dream

A novella based on a dream for a Lost Boy to return to find a home in Africa, even though his own family no longer exists.

A most unusual journey involving a solar cart and a trek to a distant clinic in one of the poorest parts of the great continent.
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Digest Paperback format
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